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Hiya! Thank you for coming this far and braving who knows what to reach this even more scarier place! I hope to blow your thoughts off, :iconifeelfluffyplz: please enjoy your stay.
Now for a little bit of info you probably don't need to know about me..... :iconfingerdanceplz:

I like this emote, it will probably be over-used on my page. :iconicecreamchairplz:
I love writing!:dummy: I also like drawing a fairly good deal. :la:
If I gave you a Llama, it is because mine are keeping me awake at night with their gossip. :stare:
Personal Qoute: "That was a deliberate attempt on my sanity!!!" :iconcopterglomp1plz::iconcopterglomp2plz:

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Yay, I finally got it done!WOOT- Emoticon  Anyways, I was tagged by :iconnorroendyrd: to do a Oc meme about my skyrim orc Boziik (as the title already implies....Fat Dummy )

Here are the Rules;

1) Post these rules.
2) Post 8 facts about your character.
3) Tag 8 other characters.
4) Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Lets start shall we?

1.) Boziik is one of the results of my wanting to make a skyrim character that wasn't the big hero, destined to save everyone from the world-eater with the power of their voice! But rather just an ordinary person, whose struggling to survive in the turmoil between the civil war and the dragons. In fact she has not one drop of 'dragon's blood' in her. She can't speak the dragon language, she doesn't collect a soul is she's lucky enough to kill a dragon, and shout walls are just that. Walls. With scratchy carvings on them. She's pretty much a step away from being an NPC.

2.) Boziik's name is not orcish. I choose the dragon word (oh irony!) for 'bold/rash', because I liked the sound of it when Paarthurnax said it, and the meaning seemed fitting for an orc. That's also probably why her parents chose it (don't ask me how they got their hands on a dovah word and it's meaning, I don't know).

3.) Originally Boziik was going to be a spell-bow who would join the Dawnguard and just ruthlessly hunt vampires. Besides being a vampire hunter (murderer?) whose only weapons were her conjured bow or swords, she was also going to be very skilled with Illusion magics. Now, she's just a hunter who uses non-magical weapons (since she can't afford them), favoring those of orcish make over all others. Although she still does join the Dawnguard, it's more out of a necessity to protect what she loves, and she's much less gong-ho Van Helsing about it.

4.) She's fairly indifferent about her looks. Granted, she still has days where she wishes she were just a bit prettier, but for most part she cares more about being neat or clean. However, there are times when she'll put on brightly colored face paint to feel more fierce and flirty. But if anyone notices this, she'll neither confirm or deny.

5.) When Boziik gets really frustrated or mad, she has to punch something. A wall, tree, barrel, railings, another person, she lets out her feelings with a closed fist. It can range from a light rabbit punch to a "take-me-to-a-healer-I-broke-every-bone-in-my-hand" smash, but she only ever hits once. No matter how upset.

6.) When she was a child, Boziik was obsessed with the color blue. She loved anything that was the color blue with an unreasonable passion. Blue flowers, blue colored bird's eggs, blueish stones, blue paint, blue butterflies, blue dresses. If it was blue or even blueish, you'd find Boziik with it, staring at it with the intensity of a rabid wolf. On clear sunny days, she'd also just lay on her back and stare at the sky with her eyes opened as wide as they would go, as if trying to absorb the color through them.
This color obsession worried her Mother, and she had the tribe's wise-woman check her out a few times to make sure she wasn't going mad, or developing magic in a rather round-about way. The wise woman assured that she wasn't doing either, that it was a phase and it would either go away or it wouldn't. The obsession finally did wear off after 3 or 4 years (no one was really counting at that point), and the only remnants that seem to have carried through into her adulthood is her partiality towards the blue woad face paint she normally wears, and her fondness for blue-eyed men.

7.) Boziik is actually very religious. Well, as religious as one can be when you're an orc and worship/believe in the Tough-Love god Malacath. While she believes that there are other gods out there, she doesn't really pay much mind to them as she feels that as one of "Malacath's orcs", the 'other' gods aren't interested in her since they have their own 'children' to tend to, not having the time for her. This view point changes slightly in the future when Malacath and a "human" god, seem to come into some sort of an agreement for an event that makes her very very happy.

8.) She's also a budding herbalist! To supplement her income, Boziik also gathers alchemical reagents to sell to the alchemist or other interested parties back in Riften. While she mostly sells everything she's gathered, she'll sometimes hold some back for her own experimentation  or use, as she's able to make simple potions and salves. And though she's ashamed to admit it, she's also really good at making potpourri.

I tag;

:iconthegirlatwindycoves: (let's get to know Kale better, shall we? :D)
:iconomlette1999: (Zeno! I need to know more about him! *whiny voice*)
:iconnorroendyrd: (Frakhad Adaar!I'm a sucker for big fluffy snowflakes ok!? :B)
:iconsarahbeth-lazic: (Rhain! Because he's an asshat but an adorable asshat! B-))

And that's all I tag, I'm too tired to do more! Llama Emoji-65 (Blink White and Tired) [V3] 

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