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:iconflowerhdplz: I hope you enjoy yourselves! :iconflowerhdplz:

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:iconlaspinplz:The Place where I fall on my face from awe!!!:iconlaspinplz:



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Hiya! Thank you for coming this far and braving who knows what to reach this even more scarier place! I hope to blow your thoughts off, :iconifeelfluffyplz: please enjoy your stay. Oh, and please beware of dog. The cat's not to be trusted either.:iconattackglompplz:

Now for a little bit of info you probably don't need to know about me..... :iconfingerdanceplz:
dA Stamp - Requests Open by lynkx-ie I started taking request! So if you have one, I'll probably do it.
I like this emote, it will probably be over-used on my page. :iconicecreamchairplz:
I love writing!:dummy: I also like drawing a fairly good deal. :la:
If I gave you a Llama, it is because mine are keeping me awake at night with their gossip. :stare:
Personal Qoute: "That was a deliberate attempt on my sanity!!!" :iconcopterglomp1plz::iconcopterglomp2plz:

Likes: chocolate, sunshine, fog/mist, music, being home alone, to think the best of people. :iconteaplz:

Dislikes: rudeness, garbage, cleaning up messes, running away from scary things (I perfer to chase them instead) :stinkeye:
Friendly Deviant by Luna-AkariStamp: Support Plotting by xxsomeoneelsexxCrowley Stamp - Test by LaJollyStamp: Ceiling by Roxy317Runs with Swords stamp by purgatoriSvalbard by SirvanaRachanaI'm Famous Stamp by KhrinxFilm Score Stamp by rushpointFalkland Islands by SirvanaRachanaBritish Indian Ocean Territor by SirvanaRachanaThe Ground - Stamp by MDKofDOOMEgo stamp by Swan-StudioZambia by SirvanaRachanaFavorite Stamp by RavechuStamp - Lazy - Writers version by DragoN-FXStand Back Stamp by ladieofficalYes I am by jones2000Stanzas by SirvanaRachanaWouldnt it be ironic if you.. by postmortummGood cake Stamp by InspirizedCaboose Stamp by janelle182RvB Stamp by nfn678STAMP: A Writer's Suffering by EllamenopeaStamp: Fly..? (2) by SilvarEnOI AM Nice by MatrissStampsMy Rock by stuck-in-suburbiaIt's true.... by wisekidkDragon Stamp by ERHBuggyThere is no spoon by cfryantI Believe In Dragons Stamp by dA--bogeymanclever things by lauren-lovebitesHello, my name is.. by cfryantPoke stamp by Munchy-BunniAwkward Stamp :3 by WolvenFlamesBad Mood Stamps Smiling by stamps-clubScrew stamps. -bottlecap- by sara-satellite
'Ello! Happy2  Sorry I've taken so long to get to this tag :iconstrongbutgentle: but I got ambushed by a cold, and then had a math test while sick, and then the chimney started to collapse somewhere in the middle of the dang wall (the top and bottom remain just peachy!).....Sorry it's been a very busy month. But now I got time! :dummy:


:bestactever: (very much abbreviated)
1.) Must post rules.
2.) Person must share 10 things about themselves (oh GOD but everyone already knows all about me!! :noes:)
3.) Answer the questions asked of you and tag- (it appears the rest of this line has been hastily erased, the writing is unfortunately too smeared to decipher.) :cutevil: revamp 
4.) Choose 10 people-(this line to, has been blotted out.)
5.) Heil Hydra is love, Heil Hydra is Life. (Don't you put that curse on me! Don't you put that evil on this journal!! No)
6.) We skipped this step, remember the erased lines?
7.)  We also skip this one...
8.) Skippy....
9.) Skippy do da....
10.) YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. (o.0 yes sir right away sir!)

Ten Things "About" Me: Magical :D 

1.) This....this is where it gets awkward. I mean who actually wants to know about me? :omfg: Revamp 
2.) Chocolate is loooove, chocolate is liiife!!! :iconmychocolateplz:
3.) Sometimes, I like to pretend I'm very clever.:O v O: 
4.) Sometimes I actually am clever. lolitrollu 
5.) Guess who's about to splurge a lot of money on a new pair of "fun" boots! Omg I gets present 
6.) We have wheelie chairs in my classroom at school for the seats.......and it is GLORIOUS. :chairdance: 
7.) I really am seriously considering trying to pick up another 'real life' language. Maybe Irish or some Norski dialect. Idea 
8.)  This is my sis :iconfatalitydragonrider:. She adopted me, I use to just be "the creepy thing/creature under the stairs" but then she made me her online sis. She is smart. She is beautiful. She is brave. She is kind. She also scares me a little bit. I love her, and would give her all of my chocolate.hug 
9.) that I've written that I don't know what to say here......I guess I'll just fill out the rest of this line....
10.) I am writing in this line also. :slinky: 

:iconstrongbutgentle: 'S QUESTIONS:

1.) What are you're favorite YouTube Channels?
Um hmm. I really don't 'follow' any channels per say, but the one that I actually know the name of and 'follow' would be miracleofsound  (my favorite song of his right now is "Amnesia", its very lovely!) love my music 

2.) Favorite movie/book genres?
I lean heavily towards the fantasy section of both worlds. I like my magic and I cannot lie!Here Cometh The Hero :tale: 

3.) Who is/was your most hated fictional character?
Hmmm. I've yet to meet them.....stare (no, sorry. Not even that "Joffrey" fellow from this Game of Thrones things can move me.) 

4.) What do you try to abstain from and why?
I try not to swear so much because it's really rude, and I also try not to get angry at people and hit them. Also because it's rude.

5.) Do you believe in ANYTHING supernatural? (God, Heaven, Etc.?)

6.) Did anyone you know or anyone at your school/workplace ever pull a really extreme stunt to get attention? What did they do?
I can think of anyone at the moment. :shrug:

7.) What TV shows did you watch as a little kid?
I really never watched tv shows.....there was the Star Trek the next generation episodes we had on VHS, but that was pre-recorded so I don't know if that counts. o.o

8.) Did you ever create a piece of art that you didn't want to show to anyone for some reason?
I've had a couple of those pieces...mostly because I thought them cr:rose:ppy. bunneh icon17 

9.) Do you trust people readily and easily, trust people who seem harmless to you, or is it very hard to practically impossible for you to trust anyone other than maybe a few people?
I usually hold people at a slight (but polite!) distance, and trust is very easily and readily given. Basically I trust people to be people.

10.) What are you afraid of? (not related to #9)
Lots of different things. :ashamed: I guess it depends on whatever is threatening me at the time.

Ok, that is all! I hope the rest of you all have a lovely day! pullmonaria 

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